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Project-Based Browsing maximizes your research productivity
Drag and drop to capture and organize web page snippets
Cartagio Home, the next generation browsing tool for Home and Educational Internet users

    Cartagio Home provides the tools you need to focus on the task at hand and efficiently capture and manage your online research...

    Instead of surfing free-style and ending up who-knows-where, you define your mission, effortlessly throw aside the distracting features of the web (saving them for later access if you wish), and concentrate on the task at hand. All the while, everywhere you go is organized in association with your goal, you sign post along the way for later access by yourself or those who'll follow in your footsteps. Simply put, Cartagio Home puts you in control of the Internet by helping you focus, capture and organize your research, record your thoughts, and share your conclusions with others.
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Cartagio Home™ is a logical and intuitive research system that integrates indispensable, patent pending technologies such as:
  • project-based browsing technology to help you focus on your research goal;
  • project-based drag'n'drop snippets let you easily save, organize and annotate snippets of web content (news items, prices, charts, web forms, contact information);
  • project-based tour creation that lets you create a concise tour of web content for others to follow, and
  • project-based, automatic web keyword ratings that saves time and effort by helping find and focus on relevant content.

And interruptions? No problem - resume your projects at any time, where you left off!
Missiontrek users the world over are seeing great productivity gains using the Cartagio product family. Here is what some of them have been saying:

"Given the breadth of its capabilities, Cartagio is surprisingly logical, straightforward and, dare I say, easy to use..."
-- "Web Critic" column,
"Cartagio is my research powertool. I use LinkGopher for keyword searches, and Snippets to organize text and graphics from fee-based Websites."
-- Alex Santos,
Haese, LLC.
"The Web was meant to be browsed in this way."
-- Jean-François Groff,
co-founder of the World Wide Web.

    Click below to download your free trial today... Or check out Cartagio Pro for professional and business environments where internet research costs time and money.

Click here to download Cartagio Home free trial


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