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Collaboration and Knowledge Management Centrale Cartagio Collaboration Centrale = Cartagio Centrale + simple secure and affordable extranet
Cartagio Centrale (CC), Missiontrek's next-generation office teamware, provides the framework for knowledge professionals to collaborate virtually, effectively, globally.

Cartagio Collaboration Centrale (CCC) extends CC capabilities with Simple, Secure And Affordable Research Extranet capabilities - letting you deliver real-time web access to research data without costly IT and web publishing resources.

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The Digital Librarian
Today’s research professional is equal parts information seeker, organizer, manager, mentor, collaborator, advocate and expert. While print resources remain an important and integral component, there is no denying that a "virtual revolution" is underway at today’s libraries. CCC helps you manage this transition, while providing a valuable new service to your patrons, clients, colleagues and staff.

Delivering the Past to the Present
There is no shortage of technologies available to scan, convert, parse, and manipulate imagery and text. Use them well to preserve and perpetuate the riches of times past. Then use CCC to organize and dispatch these digital treasures to information seekers the world over.

Information, Knowledge, and the Domain Expert
Document delivery is not your only goal. Librarians are domain experts in any number of fields. What they don’t know already, they know how to find out. What they find out, they share – with each other, their clients and patrons. Wouldn’t it be great if there were some way to seamlessly transform the information gathering and sharing process into searchable domain knowledge? There is.

Transforming Research Into Knowledge
With Cartagio, you can capture, organize and summarize research done anywhere on the Web. Whether a pdf, dynamic web page, image or sound file, Cartagio lets you incorporate your sources and your findings into an HTML project file. You can annotate your bookmarks documents, arrange them into a logical Tour, and deliver them, along with your conclusions, securely, to one person or one million. Wouldn’t it be great to do all this collaboratively? You can.

Collaboration and the Virtual Library
Chances are good that your library is not a single "brick and mortar" building, filled only with dusty tomes. How easy is it to collaborate, and share information in real-time, with your colleagues, peers and patrons, be they down the hall, or around the world? How do you coordinate with others on shared research projects? Is your internal communication captured, and indexed with the research project? Where is ongoing research kept? Is it logically organized and presented? Is information from all contributing parties easily accessed, in real-time, by all authorized parties? With CCC, the answer to each question is "yes".

A Simple, Secure and Affordable Extranet
To knowledge workers, the word "Extranet" yields a variety of simultaneous reactions. Hopefully two of those are appreciation and desire. If you are intelligent and well-educated, but not an IT professional, you might also be intimidated. If your budget is limited, you might feel that a research extranet is out of reach. Relax -we have designed CCC just for you. CCC can be installed by a Technical Services Librarian, and maintained by anyone with good PC skills. CCC is designed for the domain expert. It is affordable and highly functional, providing many features of enterprise-class software many times its complexity and cost.

* System Requirements: Windows 9x/NT4/2000/XP

Cartagio Collaboration Centrale installs on an office network PC in minutes.
Using either Cartagio Enterprise or Cartagio Pro, you can then:

  • Team with your colleagues and clients on work projects,
  • Collaborate in real-time on project content and documents,
  • Record team research time for client billing/statistics reports,
  • Encrypt and selectively share sensitive material,
  • Automatically publish project content for internal and remote access via standard web browsers...

Missiontrek users the world over are seeing great productivity gains using the Cartagio product family. Here is what some of them have been saying:

"We use Cartagio to collaborate on complex research projects. It's great that I can see where researchers are going, and can interactively provide guidance on what to do next."
-- Andrew Brienes, Esq.,
Principal, Aresty International
"Cartagio gives the patent searcher the power to produce a fundamentally superior work product, one that presents not only the end results, but also the entire research process."
-- Charles Cella, Esq.,
CEO, BountyQuest
"Cartagio brings to the table everything that a large or small company will need... the potential applications of Cartagio are unlimited."
-- Arthur E. Appleton, Esq.,
LaLive & Partners.
"The Web was meant to be browsed in this way."
-- Jean-François Groff,
co-founder of the World Wide Web.

    To learn more, please call 888-781-0711, or email us at Missiontrek Cartagio Solutions.

    Click here to download your Cartagio Collaboration Centrale free trial today... Deployed in minutes, not months, Cartagio Collaboration Centrale is an enterprise knowledge solution that is affordable, intuitive, simple to install and easy to maintain. To administer CC or CCC, click here to download your Cartagio Enterprise free trial.

Cartagio... Find What You Want... Organize What You Find... Share What Is Important.


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