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Collaboration and Knowledge Management Centrale
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Project-Based Browsing
Cartagio Collaboration Centrale = Cartagio Centrale + simple secure and affordable extranet

    Cartagio Centrale (CC) is your instant business solution for knowledge workers requiring knowledge management and team collaboration tools here and now.

    Cartagio Centrale lets your team efficiently capture, centralize and manage your office research - project by project. Integrate web research, office documents, client correspondence, graphics and data files with your projects, record job billing statistics, encrypt sensitive material and effortlessly collaborate with your clients...

    FREE Trial for One Month!
    Cartagio Centrale installs on an office network PC in minutes. See our easy install guide for instructions to create your own knowledge management environment.

    Powering Your Virtual Workgroup
    Cartagio Centrale's collaborative elements extend beyond documents, files and web research. Project chat rooms and forums let your team communicate privately with clients and partners alike. You can share and discuss screens and images, assign and schedule To-Do tasks, and leave sticky note reminders for absent workgroup members.

    Secure Teamware
    Peer-to-Peer solutions can be great for end-users, but are a nightmare to administer. Web and Server-side applications are easy to maintain but are often inflexible from the users' perpective. Cartagio Centrale leverages the best of Peer-to-Peer and client/server architecture by giving users the collaborative tools they need while providing centralized administration, control, backup and reporting. Missiontrek's pioneering technology lets users work together on both sides of the firewall, maintaining a secure pipeline to transmit sensitive information in an encrypted format, extending a virtual shield over their data as they blaze trails through the net.

    * System Requirements: Windows 9x/NT4/2000/XP


Cartagio Centrale installs on an office network PC in minutes. Using either Cartagio Enterprise or Cartagio Pro, you can then:

  • Team with your colleagues and clients on work projects,
  • Collaborate in real-time on project content and documents,
  • Record team research time for client billing/statistics reports,
  • Encrypt and selectively share sensitive material,
  • Access your projects from home, the office or on the road...

Missiontrek users the world over are seeing great productivity gains using the Cartagio product family. Here is what some of them have been saying:

"We use Cartagio to collaborate on complex research projects. It's great that I can see where researchers are going, and can interactively provide guidance on what to do next."
-- Andrew Brienes, Esq.,
Principal, Aresty International
"Cartagio gives the patent searcher the power to produce a fundamentally superior work product, one that presents not only the end results, but also the entire research process."
-- Charles Cella, Esq.,
CEO, BountyQuest
"Cartagio brings to the table everything that a large or small company will need... the potential applications of Cartagio are unlimited."
-- Arthur E. Appleton, Esq.,
LaLive & Partners.
"The Web was meant to be browsed in this way."
-- Jean-François Groff,
co-founder of the World Wide Web.

    Click below to download your Cartagio Centrale free trial today... Deployed in minutes, not months, Cartagio Centrale is an enterprise knowledge solution that is affordable, intuitive, simple to install and easy to maintain. To administer Cartagio Centrale, click here to download your Cartagio Enterprise free trial.

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