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* System Requirements: Windows 9x/NT4/2000/XP
Cartagio Collaboration Centrale = Cartagio Centrale + simple secure and affordable extranet

    Cartagio Centrale (CC) is your instant business solution for knowledge workers requiring knowledge management and team collaboration tools here and now.

    You can trial our Cartagio client/server installation FREE for one month!

    Cartagio Centrale installs on an office network PC in minutes. Using either Cartagio Enterprise or Cartagio Pro.

    Deployed in minutes, not months, Cartagio Centrale is an enterprise knowledge solution that is affordable, intuitive, simple to install and easy to maintain. See below for instructions to create your own knowledge management environment.

Full Installation Guide for Cartagio Client/Server Software

Please note that your privacy is respected at all times. Cartagio does not interfere with other software on your PC and contains no spyware and DOES NOT MONITOR your web browsing.

Step 1. Install the Cartagio Server
Choose a reliable computer which will host the Cartagio Centrale server, preferably one which is safe, secure and accessible by all computers you want connecting to this server.

Important Note: You must login as system administrator to install the Cartagio server software.

1. On the server PC, download the Cartagio Centrale Server
2. Run the setup program and install the software
3. Start the server program (Start -> All Programs -> Missiontrek -> Cartagio Centrale). Since the server needs to accept connections from client Cartagio browsers, you will need to "Unblock" this program when prompted by Windows. See the screen shot below for what to expect. Again, ensure you click the "Unblock" option.
4. After this, the server software should be running. The Cartagio Server window will look like the screen shot below. For client browsers to connect, the server software must be running and the local area network functioning.

The next step is to create user accounts for each user you want connecting to this server - see instructions below.

Tip: add the Cartagio server to the Windows Startup group, so it automatically starts when you turn on your server PC.

Step 2. Setup Server Administrator & User Accounts
The first client that connects to the Cartagio server is assigned as the server administrator and is allowed to create user accounts and change other important settings - this is YOU! Pick a computer from which you will be doing most of the Cartagio administration (once you have created user accounts, you will rarely need to attend to the server). This can be your own work computer or even the same PC used to setup the server. Go to this selected PC, login as system administrator and follow the instructions below.

Important Note: You must login as system administrator to install the Cartagio Browser.

1. Download and install Cartagio Enterprise PC
2. Start the Cartagio Browser via Desktop Icon "Missiontrek Cartagio". Ensure to "Unblock" Cartagio Browser when prompted by Windows. You will also be prompted to setup the administrator account for this installation (note you will also need to complete this step for the server installation - see later). Complete the fields and continue. See below for what to expect when starting the Cartagio browser for the first time.
3. After submitting the information you should now be logged in. Note ...
> skip ahead and select NOT to take the tour
> skip the Program Wizard by clicking cancel
At this stage you should be connected to your own local Cartagio server and NOT the server you just installed in Step 1. It's now time to login and setup the server which users will use to collaborate online.

4. Go to the main menu, click Project | Login - you are now going to login to the Cartagio Centrale server you just installed in the previous step!
> select the option "Connect to another project database"
> in the "Server" field, enter the network name or IP address of the server computer followed by ":5430" (this is the default port number used by the server and clients to communicate)
> enter a username and password (note it doesn't matter what you enter, anything will work)
> click OK to login

If the server is setup and running properly, you should find yourself looking at another administration configuration window. Repeat the previous step of entering administration settings, however this information will now apply to the Cartagio SERVER installation (the other was for your own personal use).

When you are finished and logged in, you can now start creating new user accounts which will be used by Cartagio client browsers to connect, store and share their Web research.

To setup user accounts, from the main menu select Tools | Administration | Users/Workgroups, right click on the users list and select "Add". Repeat this for each client account you want created. See below for a screen shot of the "Users/Workgroups" tab when adding new client accounts.

Step 3. Install Cartagio Browser Clients
The Cartagio client application can run independently or operate in a client/server mode by connecting to the server you installed in Step 1. For a client to connect to the Cartagio server, you must ensure your network is configured properly to allow this. If you are working inside a private network, you should have no problems. Please contact your local network administrator for further assistance.

Important Note: You must login as system administrator to install the Cartagio Browser.

1. Go to each computer you want the Cartagio browser to be installed on.
2. Download and run the Cartagio Enterprise setup program on each computer.
3. Since the Cartagio Browser connects to the Internet (for Web browsing) and also the Cartagio server, you will need to "Unblock" this program when prompted by Windows.
4. After the Cartagio browser has been installed, start the application. Now the user for this computer is ready to login with his or her account you created in the previous step. For each computer you want to operate in the server/client mode, do the following;
> select the option "Connect to another project database"
> enter the network name or IP address of the server followed by ":5420" (port number)
> enter the account username and password
> click OK to login
Congratulations, the Cartagio browser should now be connected to the Server and capable of browsing the Internet. Note that you may now logoff as system administrator. The user may now use their regular account to start and login with Cartagio to the server.

If you have questions or need help, please contact our online support team.

To explore the powerful features of Cartagio, please see our online tutorials.

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