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    Collaboration Case Study:


    Aresty International is a progressive law firm that provides comprehensive legal, negotiation, and business development assistance to small and mid-size businesses around the world.

    Cartagio Collaboration Centrale is a key component of the firm’s overall Web strategy.

Transforming Research Into Knowledge

At the heart of Aresty International's law practice is an integrated knowledge system that provides tools and solutions that enable clients to:
  • participate in creating their own legal documents over the Web;
  • upload legal documents for review through their own secure "client space;"
  • access information on cases and files over the Web;
  • communicate with their legal team directly through a secure client space.
Team collaboration no longer a luxury
“I need to review research in progress, and interactively provide guidance on what to do next,” says Andrew Breines, one of the firm’s principle attorneys. “Given the nature of our business, our entire staff is highly mobile, and being able to contribute to ongoing projects while on the move is absolutely critical. We could not do this without Cartagio.”

Centralized project library
briefcase Cartagio workgroups comprising the lead attorney, associates and legal researchers, work together to transform raw research into a polished, professional, and completely electronic work product.

The benefits of sharing information are realized immediately because workgroups use a Cartagio Collaboration Centrale server to maintain a central project library and share information. The server can be installed on an office PC in minutes, for access from the office, home, and on the road.

Real-time Knowledge Management...
Aresty International maintains a diverse group of legal researchers with specialties in many areas. Those conducting the raw research enjoy a number of advanced productivity features, designed to seamlessly transform relevant materials into an organized knowledge base. “Our associates use Cartagio Snippets to organize and annotate client information found on the Web,” explains Breines. “Once it’s in Cartagio, it’s there for good: categorized and indexed for easy access and re-use when needed.

“Many of our peers are undergoing huge KM initiatives at great expense and with little reward,” continues Breines. Some firms are going back years and even decades, scanning, sorting and categorizing documents without regard to their value. At Aresty, we use Cartagio to organize information as we go – Cartagio is KM in realtime.”

Built-in encryption and security
Aresty International is now providing key clients access to ongoing research projects. "Giving clients secure electronic access to workproduct differentiates us from 99% of US law firms,"says Managing Partner Jeff Aresty. "Frankly, until the other guys catch up, it's a huge competitive advantage. And we don't waste time or money cobbling together third party encryption and security tools to do what Cartagio already does for us."

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