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Welcome to Missiontrek

Missiontrek is a global provider of scalable web research products, ranging from enterprise-level collaboration and knowledge management solutions to advanced research power tools for the small firm and independent knowledge professional.

Our products and services introduce powerful new solutions for web research - in business, technology, science, education, journalism, legal, and government market sectors.

Internet research is expensive, time consuming and complicated. To learn how companies are using Cartagio to save time and money while preserving knowledge, please visit our Case Study page.

To learn how companies are using ResearchAgent to control internet expenses, please visit the ResearchAgent website.

Start Using Drag'n'Drop Snippets Technology Today !
Cartagio's Drag'n'Drop Snippets feature lets you easily save, organize, annotate and share snippets of useful web content (news items, definitions, tips, product info, prices, web forms, contact info etc). As well as saving your snippet, the date and original URL is stored, along with any other available web page data (e.g. page date, description, author, keywordss).

Cartagio and The Patentstein Browser are the only software programs licensed to use the Snippets technology patent.

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