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For Immediate Release
December 16, 2005

Press Release - Nathan Martyn appointed as CTO

Bendigo, Australia - Missiontrek Ltd. Co. announces the appointment of Nathan Martyn as CTO, replacing the late John Douglass.

Missiontrek is pleased to announce that the late John Douglass's "number one", Nathan Martyn, has been appointed Chief Technology Officer of the company. Nathan is an honors computer science graduate of La Trobe University (Bendigo) with years of experience working under John's tutelage. Therefore, although our loss of John Douglass has been a severe set back over the last months, it should no longer affect the company's ongoing developments of new and useful features in our Cartagio™ product line.

"I have plans for the future Cartagio product that will ensure that our feature set greatly outstrips any of our closest competitors, while making the user experience much more intuitive", said Martyn. "We're off to work on this and hope to have something to unveil in the last quarter of 2006, or first quarter of 2007-it will be worth the wait".

We look forward to continuing to offer our clients innovative and reliable software of "Douglassian" quality, and with the new and innovative features that our client's have come to expect from us.

About Missiontrek

Missiontrek is a global provider of scalable research products, ranging from enterprise-level knowledge workflow solutions to advanced research power tools for the small firm and independent knowledge professional.

To learn more about Missiontrek, visit www.missiontrek.com.

For a press packet or more information about this news release, please contact press@missiontrek.com.

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