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For Immediate Release
October 1, 2001

Missiontrek launches Cartagio Enterprise(TM): Internet teamware that helps knowledge professionals collaborate virtually, effectively, globally

Boston, MA - Missiontrek today announced the public release of Cartagio Enterprise, a browser-based solution for efficient collaboration and cataloging of Web-based research.

"Cartagio is the sum of everything one needs in an Internet productivity tool", said John Moetteli, Missiontrek founder & CEO. "After two years of development, Cartagio is a mature, fully-featured, and fully-tested application that will revolutionize how knowledge professionals use the Web."

With Cartagio Enterprise, power web users are able to effortlessly capture, summarize and allocate research done anywhere on the Web. As they work - individually or collaboratively - all research and communication is silently captured and converted into shareable knowledge. "Cartagio brings to the table everything that a large or small firm will need", said Arthur Appleton Esq. of LaLive & Partners. "More than just an efficient research tool, it has the ability to share, rank and summarize information... and to manage one's time. The potential applications of Cartagio are unlimited."

After seeing a demonstration, World Wide Web co-founder Jean-François Groff mused "The Web was meant to be browsed in this way." Groff went on to say that he "fully supports the Missiontrek effort" to empower today's knowledge professionals with tomorrow's knowledge solutions.

"Cartagio's single-most exciting feature is its ability to transform research into knowledge", said Kirk Fackre, Senior VP of US Sales & Alliances. "Since Cartagio is deployed in minutes not months, it's a uniquely practical enterprise knowledge solution that's affordable, intuitive, simple to install, and easy to maintain."

Beginning today, users can download a free trial of Cartagio Enterprise at www.missiontrek.com/cartagio/download

About Missiontrek

Missiontrek is a global provider of scalable research products, ranging from enterprise-level knowledge workflow solutions to advanced research power tools for the small firm and independent knowledge professional.

To learn more about Missiontrek, visit www.missiontrek.com.

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