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For Immediate Release
September 17, 2001

Missiontrek Expands Operations, Appoints Senior VP of US Sales & Alliances

Boston, MA - Missiontrek today announced the appointment of Kirk Fackre as Senior VP of US Sales & Alliances. Mr. Fackre will spearhead business and partnership development in this country from Missiontrek's Boston office.

"Firms of all sizes have come to realize the importance of efficient collaboration and knowledge capture. I'm thrilled to be helping modern firms fully realize their intellectual capital with CartagioTM our flagship product -- which silently transforms net research into shareable knowledge and expertise."

Mr. Fackre brings over 14 years of high technology and sales management experience to Missiontrek. Most recently, he served as Executive Director of Sales for Jnana Technologies, an e-business platform company serving the Fortune 1000. Previously, Mr. Fackre enjoyed a long and successful career at Equitrac Corporation in a variety of executive positions.

Mr. Fackre's addition rounds out Missiontrek's executive management team, which has a distinctly international flavor. Missiontrek founder and CEO John Moetteli, fluent in English, French, and German, is a noted inventor and patent attorney who's been featured on the Discovery Channel's Invention Series. Director of Marketing Raphael Oeschger has been a partner with GBAN, a Geneva-based business incubator, and a Managing Director of Digital Island's European operations. Co-founder, CTO and lead architect John Douglass resides in Australia, where for the past two years he has directed Cartagio's development team.

"My job is to communicate to the American audience what many overseas have already experienced first-hand", said Mr. Fackre. "I've been using Cartagio for more than a year now, and am constantly impressed by its maturity, stability, and ease of use. I'm absolutely convinced that Cartagio Enterprise -- Missiontrek's internet teamware - can bring tomorrow's virtual office to today's professional firm."

About Missiontrek

Missiontrek is a global provider of scalable research products, ranging from enterprise-level knowledge workflow solutions to advanced research power tools for the small firm and independent knowledge professional.

To learn more about Missiontrek, visit www.missiontrek.com.

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