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For Immediate Release
July 17, 2002

ResearchAgent Uncovers and Recovers the Hard Costs of Web Research

Boston, MA - Missiontrek today announced the commercial release of ResearchAgent, the first integrated expense management solution for on-line subscriptions. "On-line research costs are soaring, and reliable 'free' information on the Web is rapidly disappearing," said Kirk Fackre, SVP of Sales and Alliances for Missiontrek. "Now is the time to re-assess which research services are recoverable and which -- if any -- should remain overhead."

Law firms spend thousands of dollars each year to conduct on-line research, according to Fackre. Very few services provide firms with a mechanism to analyze or recover these expenses. ResearchAgent lets firms choose which sites to internally audit, and which ones require validated billing information necessary to recover costs.

ResearchAgent consists of two programs that can be deployed separately, or together. ResearchAgent Auditor silently monitors a user-definable list of websites. With this information, firms can make informed decisions when negotiating or renewing Web-based subscriptions. ResearchAgent Professional provides active cost-recovery, requiring users to enter valid billing codes to access select "recoverable" on-line services.

Whether firms are seeking internal expense management or active cost recovery, all research data is centrally stored for reporting and statistical analysis. ResearchAgent can also integrate with a firm's Time and Billing system, providing seamless, automated cost recovery of all research expenses.

"The ability to control and recover research expenses neatly complements our Cartagio Research Management products," according to Missiontrek founder John Moetteli. Firms can now use Cartagio to collect, manage and deliver research knowledge capital, and ResearchAgent to manage the associated costs."

Free ResearchAgent trials are available to qualified users. For more information, please contact sales@missiontrek.com, or visit www.researchagent.com.
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