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For Immediate Release
May 18, 2001

Missiontrek Announce Collaborative Effort to Market and Support CartagioTM, Project-Based Browsing Software

Geneva, Switzerland - Missiontrek Ltd. Co., located in Geneva, Switzerland, a start-up software company, announced today that, in partnership with others located in Switzerland, Australia, and Texas, they are releasing CartagioTM, software that they believe will provide the next generation browsing experience, the first of a series of internet productivity tools which transforms research into shareable knowledge thus doubling research efficiency and helping make Internet access available to all levels of employees.

CartagioTM facilitates collaboration among professionals and business users through sharing of a proprietary file format called a PBB file. "PBB" stands for Project-Based Browsing, a form of browsing that involves automatically tracking time spend on each URL and navigational history to an associated project name.

According to Missiontrek, CartagioTM also focuses Internet browsing, promotes more efficient research habits; provides instant access to a searchable database of filtered Internet research experience, and minimizes unproductive use of the Internet during working hours.

"The browser is proprietary. Not only do we rely on copyright protection, we have also taken care to lock up the intellectual property in the US and have reserved our International patent rights as well" said John Moetteli, a founder who happens also to be a US Patent and Trademark Attorney.

"I conceived of the idea for a browser that focuses on projects and includes the other unique features of the browser out of personal necessity" John said. "Being a US patent attorney working overseas, I need to access information on the Internet every day, several times a day. Given that I have clients active in particular fields around the globe, I needed a tool to facilitate collaboration and information sharing, as well as store research results in order to share the results with clients or to allow my paralegal to be able to pick up where I left off".

John wrote a spec, involved several companies in a competition to do the development work and chose Science Traveller International, the developer of one of the most compact web browsers, the 1X.

Cartagio is unique in that it creates a searchable, GroupWise database of commented-on URLs that stores the Internet research experience of their users for later access by that user or by others. A feature called "TrailTracker" organizes these URLs into guided tours of the Internet, thus improving the usefulness of the Internet for education or training purposes. This means that the research results of contract researchers can be captured in a form that can be followed, annotated and expanded on by their clients. Unlike all other browsers which provide for solo browsing, PBB browsing is a team activity, thus adding a whole new dimension to the browsing experience. Time on each website and navigation history is tracked to user name. Thus, online activity is recorded, providing the documentation necessary for continuing professional education credit. The result is that the Internet is converted into a clearly productive tool, compelling management to open up access to all employees.

Our software has received rave reviews from lawyers, software developers, paralegals, and consultants. Jean-Francois Groff, one of the co-founders of the Web, commented after seeing the browser that the web was meant to be browsed in this way.

Missiontrek believes that in order to open up Internet access to all, company management must have a tool that includes safeguards against abuse. In a telephone interview, John Moetteli commented " With Cartagio Enterprise, we are doing our best to give management, those who make the access decision, exactly what they want and need to manage Internet usage".

One of Cartagio Enterprise's features is that despite its group browsing features, it respects the privacy of the individual user. A user still has the option of browsing under a personal project name, which is private. The system administrator only has access to personal project time and duration information. The team accountability created by Cartagio Enterprise should ensure that, in a work environment, the browser is used primarily for business reasons.

This, combined with features that promote focus and ensure access to value added research, should double Internet research productivity, Missiontrek believes.

More detailed information about the product is available at the company's website at www.missiontrek.com

About Missiontrek

Missiontrek is a global provider of scalable research products, ranging from enterprise-level knowledge workflow solutions to advanced research power tools for the small firm and independent knowledge professional.

To learn more about Missiontrek, visit www.missiontrek.com.

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