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For Immediate Release
February 12, 2004

Press Release - Missiontrek's Patent Rights Cannot be Ignored

SUMMARY: Online collaboration innovator, Missiontrek Ltd. Co. has amassed patent rights in key browser technologies throughout the World, and thus, is a force to be reckoned with. From Snippets to Keyword scrolling, they've reserved valuable rights, says Missiontrek's founder, a US Patent Attorney.

Missiontrek Ltd. Co., a pioneer in Online Collaboration technology and patent rights holder for such technologies as project-based keyword highlighting and scrolling, web snippets saved to categories, project-based browsing (automatically saving URL research summaries in a project file), a method of creating URL tours, and intranet communications using customizable banners, recently announced that it has spun off and licensed its innovative ResearchAgent technology.

ResearchAgent's flagship product helps professional firms drive up revenues by automating the billing process for online research. "Online cost recovery is a major topic these days and ResearchAgent handles that for any or all research services," said Kirk Fackre, ResearchAgent Corporation President. "ResearchAgent is unique in letting firms choose whether and how much to bill for each service, while also providing complete usage information for each product and each timekeeper."

John Moetteli, founder and US Patent Attorney, emphasized that the company's IP portfolio is developing nicely, with patents covering broad aspects of browser technology granted and pending around the World. "We're proud of our pioneer status in this space" said Mr. Moetteli. "This has enables us to assemble an impressive patent portfolio that will ensure that no one can kick us out of the field, not even Microsoft: this should reassure our user base that their investment of time and money in setting up their Cartagio office is well-spent, and that we'll be able to grow with them."

Concerning Norway's Opera Software and their recent addition of Snippets to their popular browser, Mr. Moetteli said "We will definitely assert our rights against any infringer when such rights mature." "To the extent that our patent rights permit us to do so, Opera will either be forced to license our technology, or they will simply not be permitted to sell infringing products in key markets such as the UK, the US, Canada and Australia, among others." On the question of licensing third parties, Mr. Moetteli said that, as with ResearchAgent and other licensees, Missiontrek is open to licensing, but that Missiontrek cannot allow its IP to be ignored. "Recent damage awards of $580 Million and $80 Million have renewed respect for patent rights in the software space-it would therefore be prudent for any potential infringer to make a good will effort to respect the intellectual property rights of others before committing time and money to expansion."

About Missiontrek

Missiontrek is a global provider of scalable research products, ranging from enterprise-level knowledge workflow solutions to advanced research power tools for the small firm and independent knowledge professional.

To learn more about Missiontrek, visit www.missiontrek.com.

For a press packet or more information about this news release, please contact press@missiontrek.com.

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