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Missiontrek Patents
Missiontrek's management team is keenly aware of the value of Intellectual Property, as born out by the fact that we have taken extraordinary steps to protect our patent rights, such as, for example, filing an International patent application designating over 100 countries around the world. Further, eight other applications have been filed on various aspects of our software.

Management is committed to defending the company's intellectual property portfolio and asserting these rights against would-be infringers. If you are concerned that there may be some overlap in functionality between Cartagio and another product, please contact us so that we can identify possible infringement and begin discussions with the appropriate parties, possibly avoiding costly court action.

Licenses in other professional spaces are available. If you have any questions in this area, please contact us at licenses@missiontrek.com.

Our US Patents

Web Snippets Capture, Storage and Retrieval System and Method
Date of Patent: Jan 1, 2008
Patent No: US 7,315,858 B2

System and Method of Creating and Following URL Tours
Date of Patent: Jul 24, 2007
Patent No: US 7,249,315 B2


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