Using Project Based Browsing Files
You have just installed Cartagio and are ready to surf the Project Based Browsing file forwarded to you by a colleague, client, or business partner. As a new Cartagio user, you want to find the best way to get at the wealth of information inside. You are encouraged to check out our Support Forum and take one or more Tutorials. We also recommend that you visit the Screenshots page, where youíll find the user interface annotated in summary form.

Over time, you will want to explore Cartagioís many advanced features. To understand the basics, we suggest that you head right to Project Organizer, which is the repository of all project-related information. Below is a brief description of each Organizer section:

Research Summary Here you will find the Research Logbook: a collaborative document where team-members can add general, project-related notes as the work progresses.

Link Summary displays total bookmarks, snippets and resources by category.

The Statistics tab provides summary information by User on Research, Active and Open Time, as well as statistics by User on Page hits, Bookmarks, Billing Time and browsing efficiency.

New Since is a useful way of viewing all project inputs (Bookmarks, Snippets and Resources) as of a certain date, or since your last access.

Project Bookmarks Click this option to review and use categorized bookmarks contributed by all members of the project team.
Unlike standard browsers that merely categorize your links, Cartagio tells you who created the bookmark, which team-member last visited the page and when; calculates the keywords relevancy rating, the total visits by team members and total time; and, most importantly, the authorsí comments identifying what is important about the page, and why. Just click a column heading, to sort the table by that column.

Navigation History Navigational History provides a log of all project browsing activity. As with Project Bookmarks, you can view and sort the log by User, Keywords, Rating, URL, Last Visit and Duration.

Project Resources This is the heart and soul of document sharing.
Here you will find Internal Project Documents, powered by an internal, collaborative document editor; and External Project Documents, which have been uploaded to the Cartagio server for secure access to the project team.
Project chats are also saved here, providing a convenient method of categorizing and archiving communications among team-members.

Project Properties Here is where you designate project keywords so that web pages may be automatically rated for relevance. This feature also lets you specify a folio reference and/or client-matter number for auditing or billing purposes.

Trail Tracker TrailTrackerís distinctive footprints can be accessed from anywhere in the Cartagio GUI via the Project Bar at the top of the screen. Select it to surf project bookmarks, or follow annotated navigational history by user or for all users. Tours let you and other team members organize surfed pages in a logical fashion.

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