Administering a Workgroup
In Lesson #1, you became familiar with Cartagio’s graphical user interface, and created your first research project called Instant Messaging.

In Lesson #2, you completed your research, organized your findings into a Tour, and concluded the project with a summary Project Document. Once done, you emailed the project to a friend, and made a backup for posterity.

Lesson #3 is presented in two parts. In Lesson #3A, you will:

  • Create a Cartagio Workgroup Project called Collaborative Solutions, based in part on your Instant Messaging research
  • Assign members of your Workgroup, and provide them access to the Collaborative Solutions research project.

Later, in Lesson #3B, you will:

  • Collaborate on this project with others on your research team
  • Work online with a Cartagio server, updating the project realtime
  • Interact with your client or professor, who will provide guidance and feedback on your work in progress
  • Work offline via the Briefcase, and merge in this data
  • Produce a research summary report showing aggregated statistics for all Project team-members

Let’s jump right in. We will start by creating a new Workgroup Research Project, based on the Instant Messaging Personal Project we completed in the Lesson #2. Here are the steps:

1. Access the Project Wizard Dialog, by selecting Project|Project Wizard... from the main menu, or click the Project Name field at the top left of the main screen. Select “Create a new Work or Personal project”
Project Wizard
2. Choose “Create a New Work Project based on a project selected below”, then expand the Users/Personal Folder until you see the Instant Messaging Project. Select this project and click “Next”.
Project Wizard
3. Click “Yes” when prompted to Include resources from template project.
Include resources
4. We’ll call this project “Collaborative Solutions”.
Note that the Keyword Library is carried forward from the Instant Messaging Project: add several more key words such as “Collaborate, Collaboration, Collaborative, Virtual Office”.
Type something into Folio and Billing Reference so we can bill for our time, and place a check next to “My Workgroup”.
Click “Next” when done.
Project Wizard
5. The next screen allows you to search existing projects for related Cartagio resources on your PC or on a Cartagio server.

Note: Once you complete other Cartagio projects, you can experiment with these search options later.

In this lesson, we have already copied the entire, related, Instant Messaging project. Click “Next”.

Project Wizard
6. Here, you will see displayed all of the resources from the Instant Messaging Project. Had you searched and located other Cartagio projects on the previous screen, these would appear here as well. Click “Next” on this screen, and “Finish” on the next one.
Project Wizard

7. At this point, the Collaborative Solutions project has been created, and it is time to set up access for the other researchers you will be working with. From the “Tools” menu option on the top-left side of your screen, choose “Administration. Once you see the Administration Module, right-click in the Users box and select “Add”.


8. Add the other members of your research team, taking care to type the email address correctly.
Fill in their billing rate, and be sure to check off “My Workgroup” so your team-member can access this project.

new user

9. Once you have finished, the Administration Module should look something like this:

Double-check that all team members belong to “My Workgroup”, and click “Close” once you are done.

10. You are now ready to move on to Lesson #3B: Collaborating in a Cartagio Workgroup

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