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Cartagio Productivity Tips

Did you know...
  1. Cartagio has over 100 productivity features for power web users, making it the most powerful web research tool ever! You can review Tip of Day suggestions at any time from the Help menu

  2. A Cartagio project consists of three simple steps: Finding, Organizing and Sharing. Use WebSearch and LinkGopher to find what you want; Bookmarks, Snippets and Tours to organize what you find; Export, Email or Collaboration to share what is important.

  3. You can access your IE favorites from the Cartagio Favorites menu button - to add a URL to your IE Favorites from within Cartagio, select Add to IE Favorites from the right-click menu

  4. Need a quick tip on using a Cartagio feature - simply place the mouse over a window control and check the tip in the status bar at the bottom of the screen

  5. You can access your Netscape bookmarks from the Cartagio Favorites menu - simply add your Netscape bookmark.htm file as an IE Favorite

  6. To set your preferences (e.g. bypass the Login dialog, choose your own Start Page, adjust tab text size etc.), select Tools|Configuration from the main menu

  7. You can create and work on sensitive work projects using your Personal folder (your personal projects are only accessible to yourself). Later, if required you can create work projects using your Personal projects as templates.

  8. Cartagio Snippets are a great way to catagorize and save useful snippets from web pages, emails and documents - simply highlight a paragraph, then drag and drop it onto the Snippets toolbar button

  9. Use SiteMiner to quickly list other pages previously visited at a website. The SiteMiner icon (left of URL field) flashes when you revisit a website

  10. You can use Cartagio Snippets to save a record of web forms you submit e.g. info requests, surveys etc.

  11. You can choose to include or exclude links to graphics when saving Snippets - right-click on the Snippets toolbar button to set your Snippets properties

  12. You can let Cartagio auto-rank the web pages you visit - click the Project button (top left of main screen) to add your keywords for each project

  13. Before you waste time reading the contents of a webpage, you can get a quick graphical view of the relevance of a particular page by hovering the mouse arrow of the green keyword button on the upper right of the GUI, just left of the Snippets icon. Then, click on the green keyword button to open the keyword window, automatically highlighting any keywords on the current page. Scroll from keyword to keyword (highlighted in red) to go directly to the most important information.

  14. You can export work projects and send them to clients, or work offsite with clients using your laptop Cartagio briefcase - when finished, simply email your briefcase changes back to update your work projects

  15. If, when doing research for a client, you come across a link of potential interest to another client or of personal interest, you can save the link to the other project or your personal scrapbook without going there. Just hover the mouse arrow over the link, right click and select "Add bookmark to Scrapbook/Other Projects".

  16. If, when viewing a webpage, you would like any email addresses to be highlighted, simply add the symbol "@" to your Project Properties. Click the Project button (top left of main screen) to add the "@" symbol, separated from other keywords by a comma

  17. You can collaborate in real-time with Cartagio users anywhere in the world. Click the What's New link at the Start Page for more information.

  18. When connecting to other Cartagio servers, you can find out who else is connected using the Project|Collaboration Chat menu option. You can also save Chat sessions for later reference - simply use the Chat right-click menu to save

  19. Need to discuss a screenshot online? Press to copy to your Windows clipboard. Then share by pasting it into the Collaboration QuickShare tab. You can also paste in files, and choose a password to encrypt for specific users

  20. To reinforce focused and efficient research, your Productivity Statistics are graphed at the top of the screen as you visit web sites (both for your current session and the total project to date). The top bar graphs speed (web pages visited/hour, with the percent bookmarked in green). The lower bar graphs content quality (your average % page AutoRankings in green, based on your project keywords)

  21. Cartagio Enterprise lets you share your work projects with other Cartagio users in real-time - add users under the Tools|Administration menu, then select the Tools|Configuration|Setup tab to enable remote connections and monitor your server status

  22. You can install Cartagio Centrale Server on your computer network or internet/intranet server - then you can maintain all your department or company projects in a central project database for real-time workgroup collaboration and remote access

  23. Whenever you visit a URL previously bookmarked in a project, the bookmark comments are displayed in the status block at the top of the screen - you can expand or minimize the bookmark comment window by clicking on the Comments button

  24. You can quickly scan your comments on bookmarked sites at any time at the Project Organizer tab - simply select the Project Bookmarks screen, then scroll through the bookmark entries in each catagory

  25. You can save useful web page images, documents, zip and PDF files in your project by dragging and dropping their links onto the Cartagio Explorer bar Project tab

  26. You can add your favorite web sites to the Cartagio Links menu button so that you can access them from any project

  27. If you wish to open a favorite set of web URLs for a project, you can save them as a Snapshot. Select Windows|Web Page|Snapshot from the main menu to save or restore your project snapshot URLs at any time.

  28. You can add To-Do tasks e.g. to your Scrapbook project for email reminders of upcoming meetings, birthdays, links you need to re-check later etc.

  29. You can add your own search engines and tabs to Cartagio WebSearch, and choose your own default search engines

  30. You can view the navigation history of each browser tab, by right-clicking on the tab or on the toolbar Back and Forward buttons

  31. You can search all PCs you have access to on your office network, for IE favorites or Netscape bookmarks containing a search word (sources are not revealed)

  32. You can create a Tour to organize Bookmarks, Snippets and other project files into a guided, logical presentation of your work product. Use Project Organizer to quickly add items to your TrailTracker tour.

  33. Using your briefcase, you can collaborate on projects emailed by other users - then send your briefcase changes back to incorporate into the original project

  34. When viewing the links found by a search engine - you can right-click on any useful links and send to a new browser window, to download in the background while you continue with the next page of search engine results

  35. Browser tabs use icons and color coding to show their status - blue arrow and text for the active tab, small blue arrow for the last active tab, red text while a page downloads, yellow text if you haven't viewed a tab yet...

  36. You can save any document from the Web, your PC, or network as a Project Resource. All such documents are copied into the project and become part of your Cartagio work product

  37. You can open other PC applications you often use from your Office menu button, by adding Windows shortcuts in your Office folder. Simply select Organize Office to add your own application shortcuts e.g. right-click in the Office folder, select New Text Document and add "ScratchPad.txt" to your Office menu as an instant notepad

  38. You can enable or disable Project Resume at the Tools|Configuration|Preferences tab - if enabled, web pages you were viewing when you last closed each project are automatically re-loaded

  39. Many web sites now provide meta data describing web page contents. If the 'Page tag' field at the bottom right of the screen is lit, you can click this field to view the page meta data

  40. While researching, you can save bookmarks, resources and snippets to other projects or in your Scrapbook project at any time

  41. Bookmark comments can include hyperlinks to useful pages. Any text recognized as a hyperlink at your Windows Start|Run dialog becomes a highlighted URL (e.g. www.missiontrek.com, http://support.microsoft.com etc.)

  42. Use LinkGopher to search all web page URLs on a website for key words, while you continue researching - simply load a web page, then click the Keyword toolbar button and after specifying your search words start the LinkGopher in action

  43. When on-line, you can check your PC clock against an internet time server - simply select Tools|Internet Time Sync from the main menu

  44. You can encrypt sensitive files and web pages so that they can only be viewed by other Cartagio or project users - for an example, see www.missiontrek.com/cartagio/!news.htm (requires IE5+)

  45. If you find yourself losing track of time when browsing, why not ask Cartagio to give you a reminder beep every 30 minutes - click the Status Block Clock icon to set your reminder time

  46. You can use the Project Manager (see Project main menu) to review the contents of other projects, move projects to other folders or copy data from other projects into your current project

  47. You can sort your Nav Trail by site to quickly locate all site pages you have visited in a project - at the TrailTracker Nav. Trail tab, select View|By site

  48. You can create a project document containing office employees, phone numbers and email addresses. Example: To add your email URL, type your name and highlight it. Then select Insert|Hyperlink and add your email address in the format mailto:myname@mycompany.com

  49. When sending emails, you can insert email addresses you have stored in your Windows Address Book accessory

  50. You can create To-Do Tasks to leave on-screen sticky note reminders for colleagues and workgroups.


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