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Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about Cartagio. If your question is not answered below, please drop by our Support Forum or contact our tech support team...

I'd like to upgrade to Cartagio Home/Pro/Enterprise - how do I order?
Just click the Buy button on the Splash screen (or see the Help|About menu) - this will take you to our SSL secure ordering page. For other ordering options, see How To Order.

What are the installation requirements for Cartagio?
Cartagio is compatible with Windows 9x, Me, NT4, 2000 and XP, with Internet Explorer 5.01 or later installed.

Cartagio uses the underlying technology of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE), however it is a separate program and does not interfere with other software on your PC. Cartagio contains no spyware and DOES NOT MONITOR your web browsing. For security and virus protection, it is recommended that you keep your Windows system up to date with the latest Microsoft service packs.

What about my existing web browser?
You can continue using your existing browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape etc.), the same as usual, but we expect Cartagio to become your browser of choice for web research. You can access and add to your IE Favorites, and even search or add your Netscape bookmarks to Cartagio.

How do I install, set up and use Cartagio?
Simply download and run the Cartagio Setup program to install (if updating an earlier version, see below). Once installed, select Help or press F1 and review the Operation section. Then select Tools|Configuration from the main menu and set up your email settings. Here, you can also tailor other settings to your requirements.

Tip: Whenever you move the mouse over a field, button, control or menu item, Cartagio provides additional information in the Status Bar at the bottom of the screen.

How do I check for the latest version?
Select Help|Latest Updates... from the Cartagio main menu to check for latest updates on-line (tick the checkbox to automatically check at power-up). If updating - after the download, remember to close Cartagio before running the latest Setup file.

Latest support information and product status is also available at the What's New page. Select Help|About from the main menu to view your current version issue.

I have a problem installing Cartagio...

  • If an error occurs running the Setup program, retry downloading in case a communications error caused an incomplete download. Also check that your firewall or internet security settings are not preventing internet downloads e.g. by retrying the download from another computer.

  • With some XP/2000 installations, the Setup program may appear to temporarily freeze when first run. Antivirus and email scanning software are known to cause setup programs to freeze in some cases - if so, retry the Setup program after closing all other programs.

  • If an error is reported during or after installing on NT4/2000/XP, check that you have installed Cartagio while logged in with your Windows 'Administrator' privileges. Cartagio or the Setup program may have been unable to store required registry settings.

How do I set up Cartagio email?
To send email from Cartagio, simply specify your outgoing mail (SMTP) server and your return email address (see Tools|Configuration|Setup under main menu). Your outgoing mail server is usually supplied by your ISP (e.g. mail.mySIP.com), and is the same setting as you use in other mail programs e.g. Outlook, Eudora etc. Cartagio does not affect your incoming mail software.

Does Cartagio provide any diagnostic information?
Run Cartagio from the Windows Start|Run dialog with the /L command-line option (e.g. C:\MCB\MCB.EXE /L) to create a log file (mcbdebug.TXT) with troubleshooting details. This file will be of assistance if submitting a problem report. You can also add the /L option to your Cartagio program shortcut (see right-click Properties) if encountering a sporadic problem.

I get an error when I access the program Help
With early NT4 and IE4 versions, your Windows Help system may require an update for compatibility with later Help files. The update file (hhupd.exe) is available from www.microsoft.com

How do I uninstall Cartagio?
To uninstall, follow these steps:

  • Select Settings|Control Panel from the Windows Start button. Then double-click on the Add/Remove Programs icon.
  • Select Cartagio from your list of installed software, then click the Add/Remove button. This will remove files installed by the Setup program.
  • Your data files (e.g. project database etc.) will remain after uninstalling. To remove all remaining files, delete the installation folder you specified during setup (e.g. C:\MCB).

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