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    CartagioTM, Missiontrek's next-generation research teamware, provides the framework for knowledge professionals to collaborate virtually, effectively, globally.

    With Cartagio, the modern knowledge worker effortlessly captures, summarizes and allocates research done anywhere on the Web.

    Cartagio users can work individually or, with Cartagio Centrale, collaboratively together toward one common objective: providing clients with the highest level of service, in the most efficient manner possible.

Transforming Research Into Knowledge

Research + Cartagio = Stored Expertise
Knowledge workers, executives, and other corporate professionals will appreciate Cartagio's intuitive design, productivity and administrative features: Cartagio leverages and integrates the best aspects of the Microsoft suite while providing an
extended feature set designed to power today's corporations. Cartagio silently captures and converts web research into business expertise, stored in a Project-Based Browsing (PBB) file.

Cartagio Packs Your Virtual Briefcase
briefcaseImagine a typical scenario - your biggest client has an urgent project, and you need to get your colleagues up to speed quickly on another project before you leave. You direct them to the client's project and collaborate while on the road, at the airport or from the hotel. When they open the file, they receive your project-specific to-do tasks, associated with the relevant URLS. They can then follow a trail of sites you've defined, reading your comments, and adding their own along the way. Your combined research, expertise, email communication, and all related documents are available online, 24/7, to all authorized parties without relying on third party web sites.

Real-Time Document Collaboration
Many applications provide briefcase functionality designed for the end-user. Cartagio takes this to a new level by enabling you to selectively and securely share documents, files and screenshots over the Web. And of course, your documents are always associated with the appropriate project, where you, your colleagues and authorized business partners may access them from anywhere, at any time.

Powering Your Virtual Workgroup
Cartagio's collaborative elements extend beyond documents and beyond browsing. Build-in chat rooms and forums let you communicate privately with clients and partners alike. Project Organizer arranges your collective research into summary and statistical information. TrailTracker provides a means for others to follow your research, by personalized tour, navigational history, or bookmarks, arranged in the order you deem most efficient.

Get Organized!
Cartagio's Project Organizer is your treasure-chest for research gems discovered on the Web. As you uncover new riches, drag and drop them in to Cartagio Organizer, where they will easily be found again, by you, your clients and your colleagues.

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    Cartagio's back office functionality provides administrators and IT professionals the tools they need to run a tight ship. Administrative functions provide user- and group-level control of surfing habits (site filtering, access times, nonbillable usage) and project-specific activities (project access, resource allocation, file sharing).

    Statisitical and management reports compare total browsing time to billable productivity and even browsing efficiency. Corporate firewalls tell IT people who went where and when. Cartagio tells a savvy business executive what they did there, who they did it for, why they did it, how long it took them, what is left to do.

    Deployed in minutes, not months, Cartagio is an enterprise knowledge solution that is affordable, intuitive, simple to install and easy to maintain.

    Hardware Requirements
    233 Mhz Pentium (or higher), with at least 64MB RAM
    800*600 Pixel 256+ Color Monitor

    Software Requirements
    Windows 9x, NT4, 2000 or XP
    IE 4.01 or Higher Installed


    United States Headquarters
    Missiontrek USA
    Boston, MA
    888 781 0711 Phone
    877 875 3231 Fax

    International Headquarters
    Missiontrek, Ltd. Co.
    Geneva, Switzerland
    +4122 747 7849 Phone
    +4122 747 7999 Fax


Which Version of Cartagio Do You Need?
enterprise pro
Central Project Database
Project Resource Folders
Drag 'n' Drop Snippets
URL Comments
Link Gopher
Time tracking by URL
Client Billing
Email Integration
Project-Based Reporting
Local Project Database
Productivity Statistics
Performance Statistics
Time/Task Alarms
Collaborative Document Editor
Access to Remote Project DB
Briefcase (sync with laptop)
Project Keyword Library
URL Filtering
Team Collaboration/Chat
Virtual Office Access
Centralized Administration
Remote Administration
Automated Backup via server

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